Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Like this FB page.. For a compedition.

There are quite a few disadvantages of knowing friends who study b-schools. You take time out of your busy schedule (You're not that busy, Just putting scene) and fill in their surveys. The worst part is they follow you everywhere Post on Facebook Wall, Alumni groups, LinkedIn, twitter and ask you to fill in.

IMO, The most annoying thing is‘Liking a Facebook Page’. Every now and then you get a ping on Facebook asking you to like a page/Photo.

Sir, what is the concept of liking a Facebook page.  I don't find any reason for me to agree to this idea.

If the page is going to provide information about latest trends/opinions/FAQs, then I agree with that idea. At least, say you drool over some new actress or inspired by some public figure and you like them, then it's OK.

Photography. Needless to say every Tom, Dick and Harry has the money to get a SLR irrespective of whether he knows photography or not. You only take pictures of girls (obviously who will want guys pics n all), flowers, dog, snakes, sky patterns etc. If at all I go 'Wow!!', I can give you a Like and say congrats 'Good work. Keep it up'.

But plainly asking me to like and all too much. Just because, I'm your friend and you've paid for my Hot Chocolate in college, you want me to like ah. You want to show off that so many people liked your team/photo. All this vetti scene you want to do and peethify (self trumpet) before that Girl in-charge of the event. Don't worry, she is already committed.

Wonder who came with this concept. See, everyone has their own network of friends. Obviously who has the biggest active network on Facebook wins. It's not a fair deal. Then how on earth can you claim it to be a public opinion. This is just like the reality show situation. Even the less talented contestant wins because he knows more people who can send SMS and waste Rs.5

If the greatest thinkers from b-schools can give me a rationale, I can accept this preposterous concept and soothe myself.

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jaikishen said...

Well said machi.
Enakkule thoongindha mirugatha thattip ezhuppitaa.