Friday, March 2, 2012

Chennai Encounter

One can certainly some decisive action whenever JJ is in power. Especially when it comes to Law and Order. Of course, there are a lot of other impertinent activities she does due to political vendetta.

5 suspects killed when police went to investigate them. The police needs a better PR person to state that this was a preventive action and not an encounter. Atleast believable.

Personally, i despise with people who steal money for their livelihood.

Our police and our judicial system gives A.C Room, TV, quality food, etc for people who steal 1.76 lac crores, but kill a person who steals 15 lakhs. Both are hard earned money of the people and there should be no distinction in crime based on the magnitude of loot. Crime is crime. Accused is Accused.

chuck 1.76lac Cr. One fellow from Pakistan is given royal treatment in Mumbai jail. He was holding the entire country to ransom for 3 days. Still nothing has been done.

Rewind even further.. There are people in who killed our Prime Minister. I'm not judging their action as Right or Wrong. But after given death sentence for more than 10 yrs, they are not yet hanged.

Sometimes we should really feel 'Suppressed, Oppressed n Depressed' by the slowness of our abilities while dealing with accused.

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