Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Don't Miss your freebie

There's a Chinese saying," Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime" TN politicians are busy blaming each other and outsmarting others with their manifestos. I found this cartoon appropriate, inspired from the candy ad.

Both the parties are trying to give free mixies, grinders, gas cylinders, rice. Instead they can start a Govt Mess and give free food for all Ration Card holders. Linux laptop it seems. Dont know when they started giving Linux computers. For sure Vijaykant will ensure TASMAC (govt job) a 24 hour center. Even his next movie is titled Murasu Potterum Old Monk Quarterum.

This election crucial in a way, it comes to individual constituencies and local problems rather than problems of the state. The 2G's (Rahulji and Soniaji) impact or Vijaykant or Vijay impact, all are expected to be a bussss. The margin of gap between parties is decreasing as Election Day comes near.

Tomorrow i'm thinking of starting a ABCDMK. We can think of ABCD expansion later. Though i'm in no way related to DK, ABCDMK should be a a dravida Kalagam. Who cares none of parties except DK and DMK are principle based parties. All other MKs are a mere money making machine. In fact, in future our children should be taught to become politicians, rather than doing lame Medicine, Engineering. They can settle down early in their life.

At least if you can’t change everything, at least try participating in the election by voting. The voting machines should have Options like in IIT-JEE. E-None of these Candidates are fit. With the economy of the state in a clumsy state, Karuna should come up with spells like AnnaViyumLeviosa with his yellow shall to give these freebies. In case, you vote for these Dud parties, please refer to the below table and make sure you get all the freebies.

PS: Images are from online sources, not my prop images.