Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Like/Dislike work

After Almost 2 years in a corporate sector, a few of my fellow batch mates of 2009 batch are content with the work they do. There seems to be no correlation between what was taught at colleges and the work done!!. The work environment is not suited for individual needs. Some friends even quit their work to pursue their passions. 90% ppl write CAT exams, only fellow lucky ones get through.. Others might say, "Abeyaar.. one more yr".

I Got a nice apothegm from a close friend !!!For all those who are depressed with ur work, think a min or two abt this.

"Not liking the work is one thing.. Not liking to work is another "

Most of us fall under the second category. After 20 years carefree life, when you start working day in day out, you'll definitely feel bored .

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