Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Gr8 Indian definition

For any person who studied civics in school will remember dis definition...
" India is a sovereign, socialistic , secular, democratic republic "

For those who r still skeptical about it, check up google search or wikipedia :P

1. Sovereign - " The right to control the government, the people, country "
politicians realize that people exist only when elections are approaching. Parties protest for so called anti people policies, even when people favour them.

2.Socialistic - "creation egalitarian society, in wealth n power equally distributed"
The rich get richer and poor get poorer. Everyone is concerned whether Ambanis will top the forbes list, none is concerned about the people below poverty line.

3.Secular - " government and other decisions free from political influence "
Secularism.. the dangerous one.. the parties and ideologies are respected. India is a country with religious political parties who can demolish mosques, kill innocent minority people for revenge, rape people for religion .

4. Democracy -" the government elected by the people "
Any one can talk anything in this country, be it Raj Thackery or Dr. Ramadoss, no one cares. Each caste can have a political party who dig up roads, cricket grounds,burn public transport, involve in bandhs for their political ambitions.

All the italized definitions find place only in civis textbooks

P.S: thank Godse.. mahatma gandhi would have literally cried with this India.. Another gandhian movement required to cleanse the country


Alagappan said...

true that it'll take another gandhian movement to cleanse the country... but the unfortunate fact is that another gandhi is nowhere in sight... :-(

Anonymous said...

dude...i understand ur concerns...but irregardless of whatever hue and cry we create, it is not going to one really bothers...all anyone cares abt is himself/ y bother with something that will never happen?

Vinod Sundaram said...

@alagappan: gandhi didn't hav anybody to draw inspiration from .. u don't need another gandhi..

@Miss/Mr. Anonymous: jus bcos the world is selfish, i can't be.. everybody's selfish.. u,me everyone.. jus that i'm selfish abt India, others abt themselves..

"be the change dat u wanna be"