Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Eating vs Peeing : which's the best

Well the title can be used by solomon paapaiya for his next paatimandram on sun tv for diwali :P

This incident happened when i was returning from the ims Simcat exam from trichy to college. I was at the CBS ( central bus Stand ) to board the bus . I had dropped in at the Public pay and use toilet at CBS to pee. Generally these Pay n use toilets are supposed to be clean, but never ever u can see a clean public toilet. Come on dis is India man...

I'd to pay to Rs.2 to use the toilet. Its when i was peeing, i realised the stack of waivers given by the Tamil Nadu CM karuna . It's is usual phenomena to give waivers to divert people's attention from the problems ( like the current power shedding) .

The Best part of my realization was... The 1kg of rice for Re.1 at the ration shops waiver which had a nice response from the people. To pee in a public is Rs.2 , but to get 1kg of Rice the Ration Shops is Re.1 . Its gud that govt knows the value of eating ahead of peeing. but still idhu konjam overa than irukku ( heights )!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Haha, this is interesting.

Rivat Hanss said...

well well.. rice at Re1, condoms at 5! :D does the govt know that PREVENTION is better than cure? ;)