Sunday, December 21, 2014

Everyone has stories

We live in a world where we have the option to choose the information we want to read/listen. One like, One subscribe button is all that It takes. But this provides a lopsided view of arguments and doesn't empower us to have balanced opinions or connect divergent things.

Every time we travel, we listen to songs, sleep, read books, check latest news, update status messages on Facebook/twitter, talk over phone or reply mails. When was the last time you struck a conversation with a stranger and listened to his stories or opinions. Everyone has stories. But we choose to move out of comfort zone, try knowing someone/something new. We like to play within the box that we have created with the info we have subscribed to. Technology has just enabled us to fall back on easier choice than doing something difficult.

Some people by nature are extroverts. For the rest of them, this becomes a habit when we sustain this for months. And we tend to think that social and interpersonal skills are not their cup of tea. The biggest challenge comes when they’re evaluated based on their social skills. (Say during college admissions, job interviews). This is not the only criteria, but a factor that might play a crucial role in the future.

Next time you travel in bus, train, flights or even walk, listen. Everyone has stories. Problems of other people can be solved by your solutions and breakthrough ideas. After all, it is not a bad skill to have and develop.

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