Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Where the richest Indians in 2025 will be?

Quick clustering of industries of Top 50 wealthy Indians according to the Forbes Dec 2013 article give following observations. Big Moguls Tatas, Ambanis, Birlas, Godrejs, Ruias clearly lead the pack and work across different industries. Neglecting the outliers, my analysis focuses on other Indians.(Purely based on my understanding)

1. IT (8)
2. Pharmaceutical (9)
3. FMCG - Dabur, Marico, Parle, Pepsi
4. Real Estate (3) - DLF, Lodha, Raheja.
5. Steel (2) - Jindal and Lakshmi Mittal
6. Media (2) - Sun and Bennett Coleman

If any college pass-out or a wishy-washy b-school graduate picks any of these industries without applying his brain, he's certainly be doomed for idiocy.  

Success is achieved definitely by people who tread the road less traveled, look at every opportunity that comes their own and challenge themselves to grow stronger,taller, sharper. In the next 10 years, they are far more challenges and opportunities ahead of India and its people.

Key focus areas in the coming years to invest and work on:
  1. Clean and alternate energies - power generation, public transport, etc.
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Pharma, Health, food, textile - Evergreen
  4. Agro based industry - Even brand retail.
  5. IT/Service products (Mobile/Web) - break through ideas and consolidation needed

PS: Exhaustive list, prone to edits.

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