Saturday, June 1, 2013

Lessons from the Srini Mama

There are always different facets to srini mama in life. He’s a perfect example of a man who fits this ‘If you think, you can’ adage.  In a life span, a person can be lucky and encounter coincidences a few times. Mama’s life was not about coincidence; he has worked his way through the ladder. They were so many crooks, corrupt sports administrators, political leaders, and Government officials. He has networked, befriended the crooks, bribed the greedy and used the loopholes within the system to emerge as a badass Billi Gunn.  Let me take a cue from his rise and fall story.

  1. Don't create Enemies

The arrogant, decisive and forthright nature of Srini mama has ended up creating more enemies for him. The mighty and powerful enemies Pawars, Bindras, Muthiahs were waiting for this fall. And media (rational fools) perfectly provided them fodder to hit back at Srini. A Life without enemies/distracters is like a Hindi film without songs. Impossible. But at least don’t leave a trail for people to catch you. (Nadharithanam panna Kooda Naasuka pannanum)

   2. Empower your beneficiaries

The biggest mistake on Mama’s side was all his beneficiaries were tight lipped. Be it the current players or commentators. The players contract system and rise of BCCI as financial powerhouse was during this period. The current and former players who enjoyed during his tenure didn’t speak out on the pretext of contract. His beneficiaries lived in his shadow and in BCCI contract; hence no one could support his claim. In life, there’s a need to create your support base outside your structures, so that people can unequivocally support you.

Only difference between Srini and Pawar was their active role n politics. Pawar thrived on his control in State, central government and Sugar industry mafias. End of the day, as long as the system is screwed up, many more Pawars and Srinis will crop up. 

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