Saturday, May 21, 2011

Omana Penne - English RAP

The English RAP of the Omane Penne Song from the Soundtrack of Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya. Music scored by Academy Award winning A.R.Rahman. Directed by Gautham Menon.

Not many people know this English RAP by Blaaze :) A Video of the Audio Launch that was held in London. Wow.. Amazing :)

When i saw you at first girl,you were so fine,
i dunno why,but you blew my mind.
You made me feel, like a million in one
and you one in a million girl, you'll be the one,
who would change my world and change my way
and a feeling like who can take my breath away
and I'm saying this, bcos in I'm Love.
This is comin aloud from the bottom of my heart,
and lemme say.. Omana Penne..

Could you be the girl, only girl the one for me , Omana Penne,
Could you be the girl, only girl in my dreams, Omana Penne
Eh baby Good you know wat i mean, when i say.

Could be the girl, only girl the one for me , Omana Penne.
You know you are rocking my world,
and setting me free.. omana penne.
Bcos we are loving your style and driving me wild.. Omana Penne.
One of a kind and let me see you smile,when i say.. Omana Penne.
Every body all around, come around one time say.. Omana Penne