Friday, December 5, 2008

Responsible leaders !

When the citizens have lost hope on politicians, the CM and the Union Home Minsiter resign. The state remained leaderless for 48 hours when it was most needed. Politicians preferred the play the T-20 blame game of seniority, caste over security n safety.

After P.Chidambaram(P.C) took over Home ministry, immediately started working. On the first day itself , there was a peace deal between the estranged Karunanidhi - Maran families. Guess PC adds another dimension to Home Ministry. who's next Ambanis, Birlas get ready!!!

PS: even after new CM Chavan is elected , Rane won't be a silent spectator..


Viswanath Ramanan said...

There is no point in leaders resigning. Nothing is going to change. The new guy will be worse..

Vinod Sundaram said...

dunno who started dis trend of resigning. abt leaders.. if old leader looted 5crore, the new one loots 500 crore .. No one is true to citizens.

But we need to be the change that we want..