Wednesday, July 30, 2008


scene :: when some 5 people were bored of boredom and so vetti , decided to discuss abt the most beautiful girl in the coll(very difficult to find one in NITT ).

the situation started as usual with a scapegoat, one pullapoochi. The sincere-me decided to study for placements, otherwise no scope of getting placed in a company.Quietly, I vacated my seat , when i caught the group's attention. I told them i've some work, so i'm leaving.X told, " we won't link u with dat gal da, so don't worry". Still i remained firm on my stance to leave. Suddenly Y told, " macha, don't force him da, he'll get tensed and shout da. Let him go". I felt like i'd gotta tight slap across my face (like in balachandar's movies). I realised my friends have always thought me as a dormant volcano which could burst out any time. My short temper has earned me such a bad image among my friends. Mom's words on anger pinged my brain. ( one of the realizations of my life. For me anger is insignificant, Just that i've expressed my dislikeness then and there.

All those incidents which aroused anger so far in my life need to be addressed in a more soft manner. All those problems in class caused faculty or the studious gals, or fellow players in a cricket match who reprimand me for bowling a bad delivery , or when smirking about a false relationship or those people who think they are smart n avoid lines in hostels, mess .. Come what ever, here after , " I DON'T GIVE A DAMN!!!!!"


suren said...

dude freeah vudu ! no odd peelings :)

Lavanya said...

peelings ah?lol!